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Wednesday August 22nd, 2018

Today’s camp activities are fundraising for Critical Resistance. Seeking to abolish the Prison Industrial Complex — Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe. We believe that basic necessities such as food, shelter, and freedom are what really make our communities secure. As such, our work is part of global struggles against inequality and powerlessness. The success of the movement requires that it reflect communities most affected by the PIC. Because we seek to abolish the PIC, we cannot support any work that extends its life or scope.

Queer Cafe

10am-11am Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Let’s warm up camp together with free breakfast including bagels, schemers of all kinds, iced coffee and more!!! gf/veg options available! Learn about all the upcoming camp events! While supplies last.

Embodying Ourselves – Healing Movement & Dance

11am-1pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

As queer people, we live in a society that does not want to believe that we exist. The simple act of living is an act of radical resistance. We claim our rightful place in the world most powerfully by existing as authentically as possible, in the ways we act, speak, dress, present, and move. This workshop uses movement and dance to empower us within our bodies and open us up to expressing ourselves more authentically. Led by a genderqueer instructor trained in dance and trauma informed work, engage in a series of structured dance games with improvisational and guided movement meant to foster radical feelings of self empowerment.

Led by: Tofu.
Campers bring: Nothing but your beautiful body adorned in comfortable clothes that allow for movement. 🙂

STARS: Consent is a Constellation & a Conversation

1pm-2pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Consent is… a lot more than can be defined in a catchphrase. The status quo around “the talk” that happens before sex needs a refresher. STARS is a sex positive & inclusive way of discussing consent and the different factors that are involved in giving, receiving, withholding, and revoking consent. The intent of learning this way of communicating boundaries is to give us and our partners more autonomy, and to incorporate harm reduction into seduction.

Led by: Dandelion.
Campers Bring: Pens, paper, a sex positive and trauma informed attitude.

Free Lunch

2pm-3pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Come and get it! Homemade Tamales by Cory! First come first serve, while supplies last. Vegetarian, Vegan and meat options available.

Psychic Garbage

3pm-4:30pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

The earth is the ultimate divine femme—talk about emotional labor-she holds it all! Join Moon Dog in exploring the parallels between the ways in which we treat our earth and her materials & objects, with the ways we treat our own feelings and bodies. We’ll ponder what parts of us we tend to most easily abandon or discard and then go on a magical treasure hunt to find garbage around the neighborhood. We’ll bring back our findings to a group ceremony and meditation pondering what we’re being asked to reclaim, accept and love within ourselves (and for the collective earth healing!), and finally create a piece of art with our psychic trash.

Led by: Moon Dog and Spaci
Campers Bring: A notebook, a pen!

Embodied Voice

4:30pm-5:30pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Playful exploration of sound and movement through connection to the voice and body.

Led by: Mushy Gushy Cheermaster
Campers Bring: A notebook.

White LGBTQIA Solidarity with Black Power

6pm-8pm Peninsula Park Community Center Gymnasium

A workshop for white LGBTQIA-identified folks to learn about solidarity as defined by the African People’s Socialist Party. Understand the LGBTQIA colonialist past, present, and how to unite with a liberated future of black power.

Led by: Mads

Friendship Bracelet Making & Crafting At Sunset

7pm-9pm Skidmore Bluffs (meet under the big tree)

Make a friendship bracelet for a new friend! No experience necessary, craft supplies provided.

Sitting with your 6 year old ‘YOU” doing art

7:30pm-8:30pm Skidmore Bluffs (meet under the big tree)

Sometimes we just need a break. Our energies are always on high. Once upon a time, there was a little six year old running the show. Touching that six year old in you can bring out many emotions, memories, and best of all; creativity. Let that six year old speak again. See and hear their words.

Led by: Grand Mama Cindy
Campers Bring: If the camper has an art journal or a word journal that they use daily, bring that. Bring memories of being six years old. REAL memories that have feeling to them that the camper actually felt and was not told to feel.

Night Games in the Park

10pm-12am Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Meet us in the park after dark! Bring your stealthy looks and get hyped for Capture the flag, hide and seek and sardines! Feeling Flirty? Come over to the playground for some v consensual fun!

Thursday August 23rd, 2018

Today’s camp activities are fundraising for Wild Diversity. Wild Diversity is a project that elevates people of color & the queer community in the outdoors. We also offer resources to queer, minority and low income youth. We are here to provide a safe and welcoming space for our community to explore outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Outdoor Adventure: Explore the Nature-hood

10:30am-2pm Kelly Point Park meet at last parking lot, we leave for the walk at 10:30am sharp!

Come explore the outdoors with Wild Diversity! Take a second look at the environment around you in a new way. Join us at Kelly Point Park and walk the paths with us. We will get to know the local trees that grow in our area and perhaps spot local birds. Then we will get to know compass basics—compass parts, how to read a compass and how to follow a bearing. We will end our exploration morning with a group challenge game. Teams will utilize their knowledge that they learned that day and go head-to-head to win an outdoor gear package! Most of the walking trails at Kelly Point Park are ADA accessible. Wild Diversity is a non-profit that is passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces for both the POC and LGBTQ communities in the outdoors. We are all about building community and getting creative with the way we like to get outside. To see more of what we do, go to

Car Pool Meetup at 10am sharp at Peninsula Park Gazebo. Come if you need a ride or are able to provide rides for others. We will only be here for 10 minutes, don’t miss us! Come on time.

Led by: Mercy

Whimsical Picnic

1:30pm-3pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

BYO picnic item and a magical object to communally create an alter and lunch situation!

Deconstructing Gender in Witchcraft

2pm-3pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

We will explore and critique gendered manifestations in Wiccan traditions through a group re-enactment of the Neo-Pagan creation story. Followed by a discussion of essentialism in Goddess worship, post-modern feminism as it relates to the craft and the magic of queerness.

Led by: Spritzy

Personal Safety Techniques

3pm-4pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

This workshop is geared to teach personal physical safety skills. Learn how to get away from dangerous physical situations safely. learn how to block strikes and disengage unwanted/non-consensual grabs.

Led by: Bear Cub
Campers Bring: Closed toed shoes, eagerness to learn.

Animating the inanimate – a Scraps and Trash Hand-Puppet Workshop

4pm-6pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Dig through piles of brightly colored scraps, trash, and recycled craft supplies to build a hand puppet of your very own! This workshop provides time and space to explore the power of puppets, play, and performance! Come with an idea or allow yourself to be inspired by the piles. Create a character, tell a story if you’d like, and most importantly experience the magic of animating the inanimate.

Led by: Kris
Campers Bring: specific objects or fabrics they would like to incorporate into their puppet, a story, and or a character sketch. In my experience previously doing this workshop, participants seem to have more fun going in without any expectation.

Queer Band Night

7pm-12am The Fixin’ To

Come out to The Fixin To to watch a delightful variety of queer performers. We will ride the wave through a span of genres – grooving our bodies in support of our local Portland queer babes. $5 suggested donation goes to Wild Diversity!

Friday August 24th, 2018

Today’s camp activities are fundraising for Ori Gallery. Redefining the “white cube” through amplifying the voices of Trans and Queer Artists of Color, community organizing and mobilization through the Arts — Ori Gallery is the brain child of the creative duo Maya Vivas & Leila Haile. Together they seek to reclaim and redefine “the white cube” through amplifying the voices of Trans and Queer Artists of color, community organizing and mobilization through the arts.

DIY Water Park Adventure!

11am-4pm Collins Beach, Sauvie Island (don’t forget your parking pass! park at the pin in the link, walk down the path, take a left when you hit the water, and walk about 10 mins until you see camp signs.)

Slip and Slide into this summer beach dreamscape! Bring all your fave water toys, floats, fun noodles, flippers, beach balls and squirt devices for a co-created and creatively orchestrated, babe-made ‘Water Park’ of epic proportions! Learn how to dolphin dive while exchanging life guard tips on the proper mouth to mouth techniques! Extremely casual beach lounging also highly encouraged! Pls note: Sauvie Island is an Alcohol Free Zone, cops will probs be patrolling 🙁 if you must, please be soooo incognito.

Campers Bring: A snack for the epic beach picnic.

Splash Dance

1pm-2pm Collins Beach, Sauvie Island (don’t forget your parking pass! park at the pin in the link, walk down the path, take a left when you hit the water, and walk about 10 mins until you see camp signs.)

Steven Universe themed water aerobics class! Come dance, splash and play around.

Led by: Harry Universe
Campers Bring: Yourself! A bathing suit if you are comfortable in one, some shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

Dear Self, SEND NUDES, Love Me: A Love your Self(ie) Werkshop

2:30pm-3:30pm Collins Beach, Sauvie Island (don’t forget your parking pass! park at the pin in the link, walk down the path, take a left when you hit the water, and walk about 10 mins until you see camp signs.)

Self Portraiture has been an expressive art form since the beginning of time, and there’s nothing more empowering, freeing or liberating than being able to master the art of the selfie. In this class, we’ll be exploring harnessing your own power through selfies….by learning how to take bombshell, seductive, sensual, not-yer-average-selfie photos of yourself. You’ll learn tips and tricks for working with a smartphone, angles and lighting, scenarios for clothes on/off, photo editing + post processing tools and more (and no I’m not talking about snapchat filters) to make your photos reflect the fine piece of art that you are. Taught by queer femme photographer and selfie queen Jamie of Studio XIII Photography.

Led by: Jamie
Campers Bring: A smartphone, a fully charged battery (and storage room to take lots of pics!) and your fabulous self!

Apocalypstik Arm Wrestling Comp

8pm-12pm The High Water Mark

The world has ended. Patriarchy has crumbled. Femmes rule everything around us. We come together in friendly competition to remind ourselves of what we’ve overcome. Bring your strong femininity and leave your fragile masculinity at the door. No experience needed! Signups between 8-9pm. Comp starts at 9:30. Tiny arms? No worries! we have strength classes! Dress to impress, costumes encouraged.

Saturday August 25th, 2018

Today’s camp activities are fundraising for Black Star Industries, the economic foundation of the African People’s Socialist Party. Funding black-led, anti colonial, self-determination projects all over the world.

Big Queer Fair

11am-4pm The Q Center parking lot

Come one, come all to support queer creatives, and be supported in your queer creativity! This is a family friendly event in the Q Center parking lot!

Wanna vend? show up at 10am to secure your spot! Booth fee is a suggested $25 per vendor. No one turned away for lack of funds! Please bring a table and shade structure if you have one, a limited quantity is available. Crafts, food, vintage, tarot, etc, all encouraged! Direct questions to our contact page.

Clothing Swap/Clothing Making

1pm-3pm The Q Center inside

Traditional clothing swap, with a creative twist! Come to this workshop to donate your old clothing, pick out other people’s recycled clothing, and learn how to sew and make new designs!

Led by: BoobyTrap
Campers Bring: old clothes to donate if you have any!

BDSM 101 — Hittin’ People with Stuff

2pm-3:30pm The Q Center inside (conference room)

Ever wanted to test the kinky waters? Here’s your chance! From novice to advanced – come learn all the kinky tips, tricks & tools. This class will cover everything from the basics of different angles of the kink community & different kinds of kinky play. The second half of the class will offer the opportunity for more hands-on experience in impact play (hittin’ people with stuff) for those interested.

Led by: Scout
Campers Bring: Any hitting implements you have questions about or want to practice with.

Clothing Swap Fashion Show

3pm-4pm The Q Center inside

Show off all your new looks in this everybody’s-a-stylish-babe clothing swap fashion show!

Led by: Moe Jo Jo Jo

Kitchen Tops & Bossy Bottoms

5pm-7pm Leaven Community Center Kitchen

Help us prep for our pre-prom spaghetti supper! We’ve got lots of chopping and tossing and dressing to do – and only YOU can make it happen. Don’t know your way around the kitchen? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We’ll give you all the details and a little info on kitchen safety, and together we’ll make this delicious meal/dream come true.

Led by: Pizza

Spaghetti Dinner

7pm-8pm Leaven Community Center Dining Room

Gather around the supper table with babe friends old and new! Risa’s kitchen tops and bossy bottoms will be rustling up a tasty carb feast to delight and satisfy. GF, veg, and vegan options available.

Polyam Prom

8pm-12am Leaven Community Center Dance Hall

Luv has no limits! Ask your friend to prom, then ask your crush, then accept an invitation from your other crush. We’re a big gay rhizome! Remember to communicate! Glam out in the photo booth then dance the night away to the musical stylings of Sparkle Princess Forever and surprise DJs! Extravagant prom-posals encouraged! Tag #illagesummercamp to join the prom-posal slideshow.

Sunday August 26th, 2018

Today’s camp activities are fundraising for Pueblo Unido PDX. Pueblo Unido PDX Supports East County community members in their fight against deportation. We connect clients to adequate legal representation, raise donations to pay their legal fees, and help gather evidence to strengthen their case against removal. Pueblo Unido empowers and provides resources to Latinxs with vulnerable immigration status. We envision a United States of America with libertad y justicia para todos.

Empoderar y proveer recursos a Latinxs con estatus inmigratorio vulnerable. Imaginamos un EEUU con libertad y justicia para todos.

Sunday Self Care Sleep In

All morning

Sleep in and relax! Make a nice meal for yourself, or invite your friends for breakfast, or do whatever makes you feel relaxed and re-energized. ❤️

Stealthing Skills

1pm-2pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Learn how to blend in to your environment.

Led by: Mahama Jaguar
Campers Bring: Light shoes, bandanas, natural cork and lighter. all optional.

Slacking Off!

2pm-3pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Learn the fundamentals of slacklining. Excellent for exercise, balance, meditation, and fun!

Led by: Avery

SINsual Body Vibes

3pm-4pm Peninsula Park (meet at the gazebo)

Are you ready to feel yourself, be full of yourself and support all the other babes around you? Come lose control and dive deep into the sensual being that is you with Witch Prince.

Led by: Witch Prince
Campers Bring: Bring loads of water, knee pads for floor work, snacks, and a positive attitude, an outfit thats sexy for you to dance and sweat freely in!

Transforming White Guilt into Anti-Racist Solidarity

4pm-7pm Peninsula Park Community Center Gymnasium

Whiteness is a system that relies on alienation, dehumanization and deflection. As a white person, Guilt and Shame are common responses to being a part of a system that harms people. Standing up to racism requires facing our own internalization of whiteness and transforming those feelings into action. In this workshop, we will explore what whiteness is and how it functions, our difficult feelings, connect with others, and share tools and knowledge about how to more fully be in solidarity with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and anti-racist struggle.

Led by: Emilie Friedman
Campers Bring: A notebook, a pen!

Talent Show

7:30pm-12am Mississippi Pizza (Atlantis Lounge) (meet in the side room event space called Atlantis Lounge)

The grand finale — what we’ve all been waiting for! Let your inner Leo shine! All talents encouraged! three to five minutes sets. sign up at 7:30, show is at 8:30.

Campers Bring: Your Special Talent