Our Mission

Illage summer camp is a Portland-based queer collaborative community intentionally infusing fun, social justice and silliness into 5 consecutive days of heart-bonding activities, with the aim of inspiring more compassionate and nurturing environments for healing, connecting, and growing as interconnected individuals within a diverse and complex world/community.

Through intentionally adaptive processes focusing on anti-oppressive, decentralized creative collaboration and with an emphasis on emergent ‘from the root up’ organizational strategies, we thoughtfully and intuitively work towards greater harm reduction, safety for all and resource security for the local and global queer community and future queers of the universe!

We seek to create fun, memorable moments that strengthen bonds (and boundaries) and can lead us to more secure foundations for moving away from survival mode and towards a more caring, supportive community that serves the diverse and eclectic needs of all individuals and the wider collective.

We value autonomy, self determination, trauma informed consent-based decision making, honest and direct (as possible) communication, safer listening, transparency, personal and community accountability, transformative justice (through survivor support and perpetrator self-led/survivor led rehabilitation and behavioral pattern awareness), representation, reparations and fair distribution/redistribution (based in equity and anti-racist principles)

Acknowledging that we are in a constant state of flux, it is through the work of our community members holding this project accountable that each year we get closer to our goals and each year we learn how much further we have to go. Please send us any feedback, questions and/or concerns.

Camp Values:

  • Dismantling white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy within our community
  • Inclusion
  • Accessibility
  • Equity
  • Fun
  • Bonding
  • Friendship
  • Safety
  • Consent
  • Creative collaboration
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Learning and Growing together
  • Transparency
  • Love & Magic
  • Queering it up
  • Healing
  • Unique individual self expression
  • Cultural Respect NOT appropriation
  • Advocacy
  • Snacks
  • Play
  • Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Personal Accountability

Safer Space/Personal Accountability Agreement

We recognize that no space can be completely “safe” and in an effort to move toward a space free of oppression, microaggressions, and microassaults, we must actively hold ourselves and one another accountable. Personal accountability starts with a willingness to take responsibility for your actions.

The following agreements are not set in stone, and are open to edits, additions and critiques. If you are present at camp events and in camp spaces, you are hereby committing to abide to the following agreements:

Hard Nos

We do not tolerate: Active or passive racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, fat shaming, slut shaming, cultural appropriation, white dreads and culturally insensitive jokes. We are aware that being part of society steeped in white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism will inevitably lead us to commit microaggressions and oppressions, when these things occur let’s agree to face them with humility, accountability and an openness to learn and grow from our mistakes.

Let’s Not…

  • assume anyone’s gender or pronouns. Ask before engaging.
  • talk about triggering subject matter or bring up politics unless everyone involved in the conversation is on board. Ask before sharing.
  • touch people without asking, ask for consent.
  • assume we know or understand anyone’s physical boundaries, just because you were granted a pass yesterday does not mean you have the rights today. Lets check in to see where people stand.
  • lead with intent, let’s practice impact vs intent. No matter what you “meant to say” when making a misstep, let’s leave the excuses and intentions at home and take responsibility and focus on the impact your words/actions had on another person.

Survivor Oriented Space

Camp is a survivor centric and survivor oriented space, abuse and sexual assault of any kind is a HARD NO! People who have perpetrated interpersonal violence, assault and/or harassment in the past or present are not welcome and will be asked to leave the space. You will not be allowed to return to camp unless the following:

  • You are actively engaged in an accountability process and currently in compliance with all the terms and/or demands of that process.
  • Your return is agreed upon by the facilitators, the survivor(s), and/or whomever has been designated to monitor the agreements emerging from the accountability process. Please contact us. Reassurances that your report will remain confidential. You don’t have to share a bunch of private info, just drop us a line and we will set up a meeting/phone call with the survivor support approach team who will help navigate these sensitive situations the best they can.

Illage summer camp and individual camp organizers are NOT trained professionals and cannot and should not attempt to mediate/facilitate accountability processes. We are here to uphold a survivor oriented space but beyond that we can only provide referrals to professional agencies for further support to all parties involved.

We are actively working towards a transformative justice model, in which outright exclusion from community forever is not always the only option. We believe that people can work towards shifting their behaviors but only if they are willing to do the work and take the accountability. Every situation is different and sometimes healing processes/accountability processes will take longer than others or never fully be resolved.

If you have any knowledge or resources on community healing and transformative justice practices we would love to hear from you! Please contact us.

You may be asked to leave camp and not attend future events if you compromise someone’s safety and/or refuse to be accountable for the impact of your words/actions on others.

It is our hope that we can all be more mindful of other people’s boundaries when sharing spaces. Always ask first and always be ready to apologize and take accountability if we’ve hurt someone. Whether it was intentional or not. Also, please drink responsibly and clean up after yourself so we can have all way more fun together!

Thanks for reading this!
Illage Summer Camp Organizers